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What you need to know

Glaucoma is an extremely common condition that often runs in families. It affects around 90 million people worldwide and after macular degeneration is the second leading cause of blindness.

Glaucoma attacks the eye’s optic nerve and if left untreated it causes progressive an irreversible vision loss. So it is important to take glaucoma seriously. The good news is that there are multiple and effective treatments to slow or stop the progression of glaucoma.

But remember. Vision loss as a result of glaucoma cannot be returned. So if you think you may be prone to glaucoma it is important to be checked regularly and if you have been diagnosed with glaucoma it is even more important to stay ahead of the disease with a well planned and proactive therapy regime.

What you need to know

So what is Glaucoma?

In a healthy eye, a fluid called aqueous humor flows continuously through the anterior chamber at the front of the eye. Glaucoma happens when there is an imbalance between production of aqueous humor and its outflow leading to an increase in the pressure. A term you will hear often is IOP, Intraocular Pressure. This increased pressure eventually damages the optic nerve and leads to vision loss over time.

Aqueous is produced in a ring of tissue that sits behind your iris called the ciliary body. It then flows through the pupil and drains away through tiny channels called the trabecular meshwork.

Glaucoma Diagram

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